The coast where boredom is unheard of

When you stay on the most popular coastline in Sri Lanka, you will never run out of things to do. In Unawatuna, the world-famous beach at our doorstep is just the beginning. What lies beyond, is a world of adventure that takes you back in time, through coastal jungles, out into the deep blue ocean, and more.

Galle Fort

Wander the exciting labyrinth of cobblestone streets at our nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site in the southern capital.


Jungle Beach

Escape to our well-known secret – a cosy cove at the edge of our coastal jungles.



Discover the myth and legend that shrouds the coastal hill surrounding our bay.



Unawatuna Beach

Soak up the sun at one of Sri Lanka’s best beaches – just a short walk away from your room.


Whale and Dolphin Watching

Witness a spectacle of marine life, including the world’s largest animal in its natural habitat.